Health is waist game

  •  April 10, 2020

Health is waist game

Forget the Body Mass Index. The key to health is a balanced relationship between waist circumference and height. That is, good shape is a matter of waist play.

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Want to check if you're fit? Just look at the waist.

Researchers at City University London (England) have established a connection between health and waist circumference. Apparently the formula is: diameter of your waist divided by height.

According to the study, the relationship between waist and height measures central obesity. This indicator is called WHtR (“waist-to-height ratio”). The well-known Body Mass Index (BMI) measures total obesity.

That is, to better ascertain health and establish expectation, considering the accumulation of weight in the belly ensures greater accuracy. This is because excess body fat in this region involves the vital organs, affecting their functioning.

The example given was that of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito, who played brothers in the movie "Gemini" (1988). At the time, both actors had the same BMI: 34. Only, by the relationship between waist and height, central obesity was quite different. Schwarzenegger registered 0.48 WHtR, while De Vito reported 0.71. By this parameter, De Vito could have reduced life expectancy by 5 years and 8 months. Schwarzenegger would have no change.

According to one of the research authors, Professor Les Mayhew, this new parameter should be considered when measuring obesity numbers, because its focus is more precise. With an eye on public health, these indices serve to establish government policies. Those with higher central obesity are at greater risk.

The message is that if your waist is less than half your height, that's fine.


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