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Health in profit

  •  April 15, 2021


Competition between banks is becoming fierce. But it could get smarter. A good example is the bank of Russia, which pays better account holders who work out. Along with body health comes financial health.

This is a millionaire sector, but bank marketing often misjudges us. Perhaps because they made so much money without much work, thanks to the interest rates in Brazil, they got a little lazy in their strategies.

Want an example? Two of the largest banks in the country invest millions of dollars to promote the use of bicycles, with the indirect objective of solving the problem of traffic in cities.

One of the brands sponsors more than 100 kilometers of bike lanes in São Paulo, while the other places for rent about 3,000 bikes in the state capital. Only in no agency of these same banks is there a place to park the same bikes.

There is nothing wrong with putting people to pedal, and as for the idea, we just have to applaud. But to promote a behavioral change that puts us to burn more calories and lose weight, less is more.

Thinking of convincing one customer at a time, Russia's Alpha Bank proposes a simpler compromise. In order to achieve higher yield rates on cash invested, account holders simply have to exercise.

To earn up to 6% more profit, customers simply synchronize the equipment they use to monitor physical activity (such as RunKeeper, Fitbit or Jawbone UP, for example) with their checking account number. The marketing action was created by the Moscow agency, 42 Agency.

To illustrate the proposition to customers, in the following video we see people running while their money multiplies. As we see in the campaign, by trading calories for money, everyone makes a profit.


By registering your physical activity monitor, the account holder already makes a profit

Check out the idea in the following video.

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