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Head safety

  •  April 5, 2020

Head safety

A helmet that doubles as flat as paper. This is the missing incentive for more cyclists to use safety equipment. Morpher does not take up space. And eliminates the excuses.

One day, observing cyclists in London, inventor Jeff Woolf was amazed: almost none wore a helmet. He himself a victim of an accident and saved thanks to the device, began to create. After all, helmets are hard to carry, especially for those who just rent the bike for a day. In his research, he found that 92% of people do not wear a helmet. Only 83% fear accidents. Two years later, it came to the solution.

It weighs about 200 grams and, folded, has a thickness of 5 centimeters. The name of the helmet that fits easily in the backpack is Morpher. The product is being produced in China and will soon reach the US market. During product development, Morpher proved safer than conventional helmets. All thanks to the nylon membrane lining the interior of the object, which disperses the waves of impact, relieving pressure on the skull.

Whatever the model, for Jeff, the important thing is for people to wear a helmet. With its measures, besides being easily transported, it can be adapted for vending machines near rental stations. This could mean offering security to those who are not practicing it. In Brazil, for example, as strange as it sounds, helmet use is not mandatory under the Brazilian Traffic Code. In our country, the law requires only doorbell, front, rear, side and pedal night signaling and left side rear view mirror.

Head safetyThe Morpher Helmethead-security3

Folded, fits easily into backpack

Watch the presentation video.

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