Happy money

  •  May 31, 2020

Happy money

There is much doubt about what money can bring after all. Newly released book brings a different theory on the subject. According to the authors, money, in any amount, can “buy” happiness. For that, it is enough that it is well used.

Happy Money: The Science of How to Spend Better was written by Elizabeth Dunn, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia (Canada), and Michael Norton, a marketing speaker at Harvard Business School in the United States.

According to these experts, it all starts in the body: the choices we make trigger a number of biological and emotional effects. Taking trips, paying a full course before classes start, and helping others are ways to use money to be happier. Already using a credit card to make purchases, postponing the date of payment, is an attitude that can take our happiness. The bottom line is that paying before and consuming later is an attitude that helps you enjoy what you bought better. Those who pay before also tend to overcharge on spending. And then you get more money.

Unlimited credit can also make people happier if they use it, for example, to outsource boring activities such as house cleaning. The book also suggests that people spend less money on themselves and more on others. The benefits of giving, they say, are realized in children before they are even two years old.

Watch a video of Michael Norton's TED talk on the subject.

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