Hamster Life

  •  March 28, 2020

Hamster Life

And the year has begun. In the first week after Carnival, things are getting in the way. Maybe, even too much. If your routine looks like a hamster in the cage, maybe it's time to change direction.

We cannot expect different results if we always do things the same way. This also goes for the diet. After all, it is not possible to lose belly if we eat more calories than we spend.

I love art as a critique of human behavior. For it was to question the hooked routine in which we unknowingly conditioned our lives, that artists Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder created the installation “In Orbit”. For 10 days, the pair lived on an eight-meter-diameter wheel, just like in a "giant" hamster cage. The experiment ended on Sunday (09/09). But the wheel remains on display until April 5 at The Boiler Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

There are times when we need to turn around, don't we? It happened to me - and it can happen to you. The lesson is that there are no predefined roles in life. If you are not satisfied with yours, know that you can reinvent your story.

Want to think more about it? See the photos and check out the experience in the following video.

Hamster Life

Hamster Life || So Many Hamsters!! - Episode #1 (March 2020)