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Get out of the sun, girl

  •  April 6, 2020

Get out of the sun, girl

The internet of things. And the health of the people. Trend consolidated at the current CES, the largest technology fair in the world, presents dressing application. Bracelet warns how long we are exposed to the sun. And when we must protect ourselves.

In the previous article, we present the releases of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which takes place until January 10 in Las Vegas. Among them, smartwatches and wearable tech. The June bracelet seems to combine these elements to hit the market with sparkle. Because this is its function, to equate our relationship with the star-king.

June, manufactured by Netatmo, is actually a photovoltaic sensor, whose function is to measure the amount of UV rays and brightness of the environment in which we are. The information is passed to the cell phone via Bluetooth, which tells us how much we can still enjoy the benefits of the sun, such as favoring the absorption of vitamin D. And also if it is time to put on hat, sunglasses, pass protective or look for a shadow. For us, its usefulness is even in helping us to prevent blemishes and premature skin aging.

Beautiful and wild with various pieces of closet, the bracelet bears the signature Louis Vuitton label, designed by Harry Winston and Camille Toupet. The options are platinum, gold or matte. Liked? June will go on sale until mid-2014, for about 250 reais.

Sun skirt, brooch girl

Tired of the bracelet? Take the June sensor as a brooch

Sun skirt, girl colors

Designed by Louis Vuitton, the sun shines for you

Get out of the sun, girl

Information is passed to the smartphone via Bluetooth

Watch the June release video.

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