Get in one click

  •  April 3, 2020

Get in one click

For your next trip, escape the endless groups and queues in obvious places. How about a collaborative guide with real, up-to-date tips from the natives themselves via Instagram? App features cool scripts to download before boarding the plane.

In every major tourist destination, the package is the same: many people vying for space in places that, in fact, are not so new anymore. As a marketing action, Stockholm Airport (Sweden) has released a different guide, with tips on places where tour buses pass far.

The Local’s Guide app brings together photos of fun Instagram bars, restaurants, art galleries, parks, and rides. They are tried and tested attractions from cities like Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen, Dubai, London, Rome, Prague, Paris and of course New York. After all, who knows the city better than its own residents? Or who returns to her because of her preferences? And you can also build your own itinerary by selecting the ideas that best fit your trip.

No more reading the small print in the printed guides. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Local Guide Presentation

The Local's Guide App

Watch the video that explains the app.

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