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Get fashionable by climbing the walls

  •  March 28, 2020

Get fashionable by climbing the walls

Parkour is the sport of jumping on the streets of major cities in the world, and it is also a great exercise that is becoming fashionable in specialized gyms.

After all, overcoming obstacles with the imploded legs and arms strengthens the muscles of the entire body. With an eye on this activity, gyms in the United States are offering classes with certified instructors and floor mats. With this, they made the practice more attractive to children, beginners and even shy adults.

In June, New York hosted the seventh PKNY Jam, a weekend dedicated to various sports, and for the first time parkour was included - inside the Bklyn Besta Academy.

In addition to the gyms, a flood of groups is looking to capitalize on the trend. Energy drink maker Red Bull started an annual contest in 2007. Video games like Assassins Creed and Infamous perform parkour tricks.

fashionable wall run to climb up - Aveiro, Portugal (March 2020)