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Genetic portraits

  •  March 28, 2020

Genetic portraits

Face of one, muzzle of another. Intrigued by the resemblance between his daughter and mother-in-law, photographer Ulric Collette began work of breath. To create extensive gallery of images that brings together faces of relatives, showing similarities that not even time can hide.

Want to find out what your future looks like? Look around the table this Christmas. And take the opportunity to thank the genetic heritage to your closest relatives. In the Genetic Portraits series, we can see from countless examples that our appearance does not really hide our origins.

Genetic portraits1Sisters: Roxane, 22 years old and Jill, 25 years old Genetic portraits2Daughter / Mother: Jill, 25 and Johanne, 54Genetic portraits3Mother / Daughter: Johanne, 54 and Roxane, 22Genetic portraits4Daughter / Father: Ariane, 13 years old and André, 55Genetic Portraits5Son / Father: Nathan, 9 years old and Ulric, 32Genetic Portraits6Daughter / Father: Ismaëlle, 10 years old and Ulric, 32Genetic Portraits7Gemini: Alex and Sandrine, 20 years oldGenetic Portraits8Father / Daughter: Daniel, 60 years old and Isabelle, 32Genetic Portraits9Cousins: Justine, 29 and Ulric, 29

Watch the video that features the most portraits.

'Genetic Portraits' Show The Striking Similarities Between Family Members (March 2020)