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Freezing the emotion

  •  August 13, 2020

Increasingly, we are becoming more and more at it. In addition to the photos we easily take on our cell phone, it's fun to film. But what about when you want to do both at the same time? Application has arrived to duplicate your reporter version.

Your child getting the diploma, or his husband cutting the finish line of an overseas race - and you don't know if you shoot or photograph? After all, the emotion does not wait to "look at the bird". Do not despair. Now, with new application, your unforgettable moments earn the record they deserve.

Joining “photo” with “video,” gave Vhoto. This is the name of the free app where it all starts with filming. Once triggered, Vhoto “discovers” the best photo that “lives” in your video. He then “freezes” the image and makes it available as a photograph. It is a quality guarantee for selfies on the go. The more you use the program, the more it “learns” about your tastes, to always offer the best selection of images. From there, you can edit the little bit of the movie you want to use for cover, print or just share. Even Vhoto himself has his own social network, where image lovers find and comment on his photo, or rather "vhoto".

Check out the video that explains how it works. If you're on your phone, click here to download yours on the AppStore.

Day #14 Emotional OST: Freezing - Track 30 (August 2020)