Forgiving is good for health

  •  April 10, 2020

Forgiving is good for health

Forgiving is good for the soul. Science now proves that forgiving is good for the body by eliminating the deleterious effects of stress.

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People who forgive easily are better protected from stress.

For real, forgiveness should not only be self-indulgent; but broad, general and unrestricted.

This is the conclusion of a new survey.

The study was done in partnership between Luther College and the University of California (United States).

In it, scientists applied a questionnaire to 148 volunteers.

The questions aimed to assess stress levels.

And also the tendency to forgive, as well as the health and mood of the participants.

As a result, those who said they easily forgive turned out to be the best copers with stress.

Be it physical or mental.

It has not been clarified how the act protects health.

Apparently, the ability to forgive and ask forgiveness helps us better understand our own emotions.

"Anyone can learn to forgive in order to benefit from the discovery."

The statement is from one of the authors, Dr. Loren Toussaint.

"Forgiveness eliminates the connection between stress and mental illness."

"If people want to feel good, forgiveness offers them that opportunity."

The study was published in the scientific journalPsychology Journal of Health.

The Importance of Forgiveness (April 2020)