Forbidden for boys

  •  April 3, 2020

Girls play with dolls and boys play with cart. On the way to a birthday party, a stop at the toy store leaves no doubt which way you will go. Thousands of times later, we can't escape this stereotype. New toy line succeeds exactly by turning this notion upside down.

The GoldieBlox toy line respects children as they like.

Even with pink packaging, each box contains a riding kit that stimulates girls' creativity and interest in the world of science and engineering - traditionally male.

The TV commercial, launched in late November, has had more than 7 million hits on the YouTube channel.

Such interest comes from how girls, traditionally dressed as princesses, appear: with welding goggles, helmets, and tools in their hands, building a contraption (Rube Goldberg style) that “blows away” what you think of them.

The brand was created by Debbie Sterling. As a child, she preferred to play with boys, who always thought she had the most fun toys.

A product design graduate from Stanford University's engineering department, she was the only woman in the class. That's when she thought about how more women might be interested in technical careers if, instead of ponies, they could have access to this universe early on.

According to Debbie, it's okay to be a princess. But girls can (and should) build their own castles.

Watch the video below:

Martin Garrix - Forbidden Voices (Official Music Video) (April 2020)