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Follow Santa

  •  April 5, 2020

Follow Santa

It lowered the Christmas spirit - literally. Google launches apps, games and the “Santa Tracker” where you can track the Good Old Man wherever you are until you get home.

Gifts are already coming: Google has launched a special website with lots of Christmas activities. The biggest attraction is already counting down: Google Santa Tracker, a GPS tracking program integrated with Google Maps, with which you can follow Santa's itinerary until you get home. Santa Tracker can be tracked directly through the site, the Google Chrome extension, and the Andoid app.

There are animations, curiosities and quests that are unlocked every day until December 25th. The games range from helping dwarves throw their packages on freighter ships, to participating in a race where Santa must rescue lost gifts. Like it, right? Enjoy all this fun is free and start playing.

Check out the video:

Follow Santa's sleigh with NORAD's Santa Tracker | USA TODAY (April 2020)