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Floating in conversation?

  •  April 6, 2020

Floating in conversation?

With more affordable cell phones, public phones are running out of function. The creativity of artists is giving other uses to traditional booths.

Due to their lack of utility, Her Majesty's “ears”, installed in the United Kingdom from the 1920s, are gaining other functions.

Many have already stopped at bars, libraries and art galleries. A buyer from Saudi Arabia bought one to be turned into a shower. Today, it is possible to buy a piece for about £ 2,000, to be placed where the buyer wants.

French artists Benoit Desielle and Benedetto Bufalino went further. With a work that reinvents the use of urban space, in the hands of this duo the traditional English cabins became giant aquariums. Surprising to those who find them, they have already been installed in England, France and Mauritius.

Floating conversation (April 2020)