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  •  September 20, 2020

Looking for your personal race record? If you use music as a motivation, new study reveals which genres can further encourage your efforts.

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Admittedly, taste is not argued.

But would you change preference to improve your performance?

A new Australian study states that this is possible.

The survey was made to order by Jaybird, the headphone maker.

The work revealed that pop genre is the best song to hear during a race.

The choice is closely followed by heavy metal.

Opera and reggae are detrimental in their search for a new record.

To reach this conclusion, an experiment was conducted with volunteers.

All were tested over a week while performing physical activities.

On separate days, they listened to heavy metal, classical music, reggae, opera and pop.

Then, the performance was compared with the music listened.

"It's interesting when we look at the effect of different types of music on the race."

The statement is from one of the authors, Dr. Leanne Hall.

"Part comes down to personal preference."

"But another part really relates to the feelings that each type of music arouses."

For example, classical music tends to calm us down - and research shows that.

"Pop music is really interesting."

With pop music, particularly what we hear on the radio, we kind of know the words.

This gives us something to focus on.

But, what to hear to have the best results?

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