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Fire friend

  •  April 5, 2020

Fire friend

During evolution, the struggle for food has programmed our bodies to stock up on fat. With the current full offer, this quality has become defective. But another "enemy" proves even more dangerous. Because we are programmed to like it: sugar.

In a new study by the US National Institute of Health, scientists reveal that it is sugar, not fat, that triggers more stimuli in our brains to eat more than necessary.

The research, published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, monitored the brain activities of 100 children in American schools. They were served chocolate milkshake with the same amount of calories. One group drank more sugar than fat (from whole milk); to the other, vice versa. In both cases, the brain pleasure centers were stimulated. The finding was that for those who drank the most sugary drink, the stimulus was stronger, also triggering the “reward center”. This region of the human brain controls our desire, not the need, for food. The more stimulated, the greater and more uncontrollable this desire will be.

That is, people can have the strongest willpower in the world. But if the brain plays against it, the game is lost. We cannot deliver the points. But we must act intelligently. After all, on the road to better health, the search for fitness goes through the head.

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