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Fiction is reality

  •  September 20, 2020

Do you know the movie "She"? In November, fiction can come true with the release of Xperia Ear, a virtual personal assistant in your ear 24 hours a day.

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It all started with the idea of ​​taking the risk of accidents by having the phone in front of your face all the time, blocking the view of your surroundings.

Hence the fiction, through the movie Ela, gave a good help.

If you haven't watched it, in short the story tells how the character played by Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with the device he wears in his ear.

As a result, Sony presented at the Mobile World Congress 2016 the Xperia Ear.

The gadget is similar to a headset but acts as a personal assistant.

Through voice commands, Xperia Ear passes phone information to the user without having to look at the phone.

With it you can send and receive messages and make calls.

But not only that.

Hands-free, you'll be able to access the internet and get the latest news of the day, such as weather, traffic, news and even social media posts.

Wirelessly, the Xperia Ear connects to Android smartphones via Bluetooth and can also be controlled via the app.

Its price has not yet been disclosed.

Sony promises to launch in November, but without forecast for Brazil.

Try not to get too involved when you arrive.

Check out the video presentation of the new product.

How fiction can change reality - Jessica Wise (September 2020)