Festival presents Brazil at the table

  •  April 10, 2020

80 gastronomic attractions and 25 cultural attractions. The Fartura Festival menu, which takes place this weekend in Sao Paulo, presents the flavors of a country that is hungry to know itself.

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Food is a more precious field than language itself in human life.

This is the precise definition of folklorist Chamber Cascudo (1898-1986) for our greatest heritage.

It is not possible to know the soul of a people without knowing its flavors.

All of them.

As Brazil is giant and diverse, the task is not easy.

Not at all, less delicious.

The Fartura - Brazilian Foods project ran the whole country.

In order to research the national cuisine, the customs and the ways of doing that involve it.

Now the initiative enters a new phase.

The goal is to share as much as possible of what has been learned.

For this will be held the Festival Fartura.

The event occupies the Jockey Club of São Paulo this Saturday (15) and Sunday (16).

On site, 24 chef spaces from all over Brazil will offer their signature recipes.

The whole climate will be very informal.

For dessert, in the Snacks, Snacks and Sweets space, there are 12 exhibitors.

In the Live Kitchen space, you buy and accompany the preparation of the order.

Feeling inspired?

In the Interactive space you can get your hands dirty.

And learn to prepare, for example, a pirarucu in tucupi and jambu sauce, with plantain and chestnut farofa.

This class will be taught by Diogo Sabião, from Porto Velho (RO) - Saturday, 14h30.

The Knowledge Space presents the secrets of kitchens in the voice of chefs and industry professionals.

Finally, in the Products and Producers space is the market.

With regional ingredients and products from all over Brazil, rare to find in Sao Paulo.

Evening shows are also scheduled at one of the most beautiful venues in the city.

After the state capital, the festival goes to Tiradentes (MG), Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza.

The closing will be in Porto Alegre.

To see the full schedule - click here.

Fartura Festival - Brazilian Food

Location: Sao Paulo Jockey Club - Gate 1
Address: R. Dr. Jose Augusto de Queiroz, s / n, Garden City
Dates: July 15th and 16th (Saturday and Sunday)
Visitation: From 12h to 22h (Sunday until 20h)
Ticket: R $ 20
Paid parking on site

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