Feelings on the plate

  •  September 20, 2020

The vegetarian diet is the choice of the new generation. Which is also the most depressed in history. Is it related? A new study says yes.

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There is no shortage of compliments for vegetarian diets.

But a new study suggests that not eating meat can make us depressed.

The work was done by the School of Social and Community Medicine (England).

Also participated in the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (United States).

The survey analyzed data from an English census.

And it included about 10,000 husbands of pregnant partners.

Everyone identified their food preference.

Only 350 claimed to be vegetarians.

Data were then compared with the Postnatal Depression Scale.

As a result, vegetarians revealed scores above the minimum threshold.

The causal relationship was evident, but the researchers do not claim that being vegetarian causes depression.

Instead, they suggest a link between plant-based diets and mental health.

The theory is that vegetarians receive less nutrients found in red meat.

Specifically vitamin B12.

This deficiency may contribute to the onset of depressive symptoms.

Many patients with mental disorders have deficiencies in certain nutrients.

Including omega-3 fatty acids and B-complex vitamins.

The study was published in Journal of Affective Disorders.

And it certainly already raises many doubts.

After all, the group analyzed was small and too small.

And we also know that vegetarianism is safe for everyone - read more here.

The news is worth noting how food and feelings are closely related.

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