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Facing the diet

  •  April 10, 2020

Facing the diet

A lot of people think low calorie food needs to be gray and dull. Designer work explores this belief and reveals how monitoring table habits can become a useful and fun task.

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Candies, jelly beans, cakes, cookies, sandwiches.

All of these foods are quite colorful, and much of their appetite for appetite comes from their appearance.

It's called food porn.

After a lifetime of staring at this food palette, British designer Ryan MacEachern decided to seek help to lose weight.

And he was faced with a new diet, which he found extremely bland.

To look at the new routine in an inspired way, it recorded a week of its consumption in an organized and colorful way.

The project got a face and it was named Design x Food - go here.

In it, Ryan presents the meals and nutrients ingested each day of the week.

Check out the pages in this visual journal and get inspired to act.

The tip is to write down on a schedule all the food you buy: what it is, how much it cost, the weight and the amount of calories.

Use the same pages to record your daily intake and track your nutrient goals throughout the day.

Okay, this way you have a personal diet assistant.

Facing the diet

Serious about the first day: Friday with 1,269 kcal

Facing the diet

First weekend: reluctance

Facing the diet

Heavy Awareness: Lower Calorie Sunday

Facing the diet

Starting the week: Monday

Facing the diet

Tuesday: 1,536 kcal

Facing the diet

Adapting to the scheme: Wednesday

Facing the diet

Thursday “starving”: 559 kcal

Facing the diet

A week has passed

Facing the diet

Ultimate Calorie Consumption Table

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