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Facial ignorance

  •  April 15, 2021

Why do we look so different in photos and in person? Study from the University of Bristol (England) answers this curious question.

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Not a few people look different from your photos.

This always causes some confusion.

Both at Tinder and Customs, when the cop compares who he sees before him with the passport photo.

A new study offers an explanation.

The research was done by the University of Bristol (England).

In it, participants had access to a stack of photos.

Each photo showed a neutral, expressionless or highly expressive face.

They had to separate these photos into piles, one pile for each person.

As a result, even if there were only two different faces, people saw much more - between five and eight on average.

This was because participants did not detect differences in expressions.

Also, when the photos represented expressions, they couldn't identify how many people were in the images.

And when faces were expressive, people confused identities.

In short, we recognize human emotions when we see them in person.

When it comes to photographs, we do not identify different expressions.

Photos of the same person may appear to be of a group.

Apparently, the fashion of selfies only made the situation worse.

Because these photos are taken so closely, faces appear distorted.

So take this study into consideration when meeting someone you only know virtually.

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