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Face of one, belly of the other

  •  April 5, 2020

Face one, belly another

They are twins, doctors and hosts of a health program. In this situation, a simple sibling bet became "the battle of diets." For a month, one cut sugars and carbs and the other fats. The result?

Brothers are almost always involved in some dispute. Especially when they are twins! Be it parental attention or girlfriends, competition prevails in everything. Even after graduating from Oxford University, Chris and Xand Van Tulleken are still in contention. This time, for a good cause. Both feature Operation Ouch on the British BBC. In the series, your task is to present medicine in a simpler and more accessible way. In the face of the obesity crisis in England, the battle for the best diet has been on the agenda.

Chris followed a low-fat plan while Xand faced the carbohydrate cut. Within these parameters, they could eat whatever they wanted. After 30 days, the elimination of an entire food group showed the result - which, according to the brothers, was suffered.

“I thought I had made the best choice: I could eat meat, fish, eggs and cheese,” said Xand. "But taking carbohydrates, which includes, in addition to pasta, all fruits and vegetables, also takes away the fun of eating." During the restrictive diet, Xand felt satiated, but also slower, mentally and physically.

Chris, who adopted the low-fat diet, also reported negative consequences, one of which was that he was never satisfied and always hungry. This is because fat and sugars (present in carbohydrates) have adverse effects on ghrelin, the hormone that regulates appetite.

The result of the bet was not even pleased by the doctors themselves, as the weight loss was not significant. And in the end, their overall health was compromised. That is, the "enemy" is neither on one side nor on the other. The problem is even the combination of fats and carbohydrates. Peace is in balance.

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Face one, belly another

On the starting line: less fat on one side and less carbohydrate on the other

Face one, belly another

The size of trouble with all the food allowed on the table

Face one, belly another

Happy: At the end of a month, the prize was to break the regime

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