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Evident Calories

  •  May 28, 2020

Evident Calories

Forget strong and appealing images. Just enter the calories on the beer label to see the consumption drop. With curious marketing strategy, Scottish brand innovates and presents information in cans.

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With the weather in Brazil, there is no one who can resist an invitation to have a beer.

If we think only about the temperature of the drink and the pleasure of the company, we lose the limit between several rounds.

But if someone tells you how many calories you may be carelessly consuming, the pain in your conscience ends the party.

For all that, it is to be imagined that the manufacturing companies want to hide this information.

So what would be the marketing strategy of the Scottish brand Tennent's?

The company has announced that it is voluntarily labeling its products as of March 2016 the amount of calories they contain.

A seal will say the 500 ml can has 152 calories, equivalent to 8% of the total recommended daily intake.

The information goes into detail that 100 ml of Tennent's beer usually contains 30 calories.

For comparison, the British pint is 568 ml, or 170 calories.

Five pints of beer equals more than three hamburgers, with calories that only go away with a 90-minute run.

According to company director Alastair Campbell, "as owners of brands that rely on consumer management across the country, our intention was to broaden our commitment to promoting responsible consumption."

“We're adding calorie information to beer cans and bottles to make sure people make a conscious decision,” he concluded.

Scottish Health Minister Maureen Watt said the Scottish government supports improved labeling of alcoholic beverages.

In an interview with the newspaper Daily mail"Many people do not know the caloric content of drinks, so this is an important step in communicating the product with its consumers.

"This way they can make positive choices, change their habits and drink more responsibly."

And you think you would drink less if the calorie information came on the beer label?

beer-revealing calories

The calorie stamp presented by company director Alastair Campbell

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