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Escape the unfortunate snack

Escape the unfortunate snack
  •  March 28, 2020

Fast food causes depression just by looking, says the University of Toronto (Canada). According to the study, people exposed to restaurant communication lose interest in the simplest facts of everyday life, such as having fun listening to music.

The research, published in November in the newspaper Social Psychological and Personality Science, took Mc Donald’s as a case study, having identified this network as a symbol of time efficiency. The irony is that this brand was created to offer, with its mechanized routines and methods, more time for consumers to enjoy the meal, which is delivered to you in almost seconds. However, by instigating a sense of impatience, all the technology developed ends up preventing people from enjoying moments in which waiting, unforeseen and impromptu are part.

In examining 280 participants, the same effect was found with people who simply live near these restaurants. In another survey, 250 people were exposed to nature and quick-meal photos. People who saw only the forest and ocean photos declared happiness after the experiment. Already those who saw these photos, added to photos of meals, said they were less happy.

Researchers believe it is important to learn the influence of advertising on the environment in which we live. As a symbol of impatience, fast food impacts not only people's health, but also transforms their happiness. Next time, throw away the toy and invest in a meal that makes you happy from the inside out.

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