Endless Entertainment

  •  May 28, 2020

After tens of hours sharing a pressurized atmosphere, it's normal to land happily (and quickly) at the end of the trip. But that doesn't happen when we can't see the end of the onboard movie. Now new service corrects injustice.

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When we say that travel is a delight, certainly periods at 10,000 feet altitude do not count.

We have already seen that we are more inclined to conflict at the highest - see why here.

So the best way to spend time confined is to take advantage of onboard movie programming.

With the headset and the windows closed, the film reaches its apex and in a few moments the plot will be revealed.

At this moment, the movie is interrupted and the commander's voice enters the ears, announcing the imminent landing.

The result is that we never watched the end of the movie.

Or we'll do it on a replay, probably a decade later.

Finally, someone has created something to prevent this injustice.

Air France's Cinema to Go service is an app that allows passengers to finish watching the movie that started on the plane.

Especially the nominated works at the Cannes Film Festival, the airline's traditional partner.

The news was launched on the route from Los Angeles to Paris.

This section usually brings to the passenger list numerous festival participants at this time of year.

In a timely marketing move, the idea is to allow the entertainment to resume where it left off, providing the pleasure of travel long after the plane has landed.

See below the commercial that presents the service, created by the agency BETC Paris.

Endless Entertainment with Vodafone PLAY #PLAYOn (May 2020)