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Emojis reveal who you are

  •  October 21, 2020

They almost replace formal language. The fact is, we love emojis more and more. And a new study explains how the ones you use say the most about you.

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In Japanese, emojis are pictograms.

A library of fun images took the place of words.

It's the emojis.

These pictograms, which come on the smartphone keyboard, revolutionize our communication.

Each has its favorite.

And a new study has been able to decipher what this reveals about people.

The research was done by the University of Michigan (United States).

No less than 1.2 billion messages were analyzed.

In the United States, 9% of messages used at least one emoji.

In Brazil, the number is 7.9%.

In France, where the highest use was registered, were 19.8%.

Today, 1,300 options of these pictograms are available.

Apparently we are prone to using emojis with common meanings.

The less ambiguous employees are more employed.

Emoji relations with words were evaluated to measure their linguistic meaning.

The goal was to determine what makes some emojis more popular than others.

"There are probably other factors that are not related to meaning."

The explanation is from one of the authors, Dr. Wei Ai.

"Where they are located on the keyboard or simply fashion can explain the preferences."

Nonverbal symbols in online communication have shown their power since the first emoticon was invented.

The expectation is that they will be even more powerful.

This is because new forms are already supported by newer applications and websites.

As emojis as gif animations.

And you, which one do you use the most?

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