Effervescent danger

  •  April 15, 2021

This is hard to swallow: effervescent remedies carry additional sodium in their formula to provide the effect of "bubbles." In our salt-laden diet, the warning is for both hypertensive people and those who want to avoid fluid retention.

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Although it makes a little noise as it dissolves in water, we face a silent threat.

After all, we never realized that even when it comes to taking care of well-being, we put health at risk.

Research published in British Medical Journal reveals that the effect found in antacids, painkillers and vitamin supplements, caused by the extra presence of sodium, leads to the consumption of this element above acceptable daily limits.

The World Health Organization recommends less than 2 grams of sodium a day - the equivalent of one teaspoon.

But, according to newspaper article Daily mail, some effervescent vitamin C has sodium equivalent to two bags of chips.

More than 1 million medical records were analyzed.

Those taking additional sodium drugs had a 16% higher risk of heart attack, their chance of having blood pressure problems was seven times higher and their mortality rate 28% higher.

Scientists recommend that there be risk warnings in campaigns and warnings on packaging.

And they expect doctors to see if the advantages outweigh the harms before prescribing drugs in this category.

If you can choose other remedies, the better.

After all, we must not forget that salt in high amounts also causes fluid retention, which increases our weight and torments our self-esteem.

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