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Echoes of the Past

  •  September 20, 2020

This song is your face. Literally. Spotify releases controversial custom playlists based on your DNA.

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We do almost nothing without a soundtrack.

But the offer is such that it is hard to know what to choose to hear.

The task is being facilitated by the Spotify streaming service.

The company now offers playlists based on its DNA.

The idea is to send a genetic test to the music service.

From there, the origins of the user's family are identified.

With the information, experts create a playlist inspired by their ancestry.

It enters regional songs and hits from the registered venues.

The service is designed to help people “experience their culture better”.

That is, the app indicates sounds that have more to do with your blood - even if you don't know it.

The issue has become controversial.

Critics point to the risk of genetic information leaking.

Others condemn the very commercial use of the data.

If it is to please a particularly demanding taste, it may be worth it.

To order the DNA Collection Kit - click here.

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