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Eating with the eyes

  •  March 28, 2020

Eating with the eyes

To the naked eye, the recipe looks healthy. But before the first bite, we would be more relieved if it was possible to know what is being served. With technology, vision beyond reach has come to the plate.

Recently presented at the CES tech fair in Las Vegas, the TellSpec gadget has come to do our food a great service. Due to its size, it does not seem to fit so much science. But it's there, since TellSpec is a Raman spectrometer. He makes an analysis based on the frequency of light, which is reflected by the material being studied. Just point and press the button and the appliance will scan the food. Then the information is sent to a smartphone, where it can be checked in detail. Initially 3,000 ingredients are registered, which will be constantly updated.

The result is fast and arrives in 30 seconds. For example, when pointed to a portion of chips, the device identified the amount of carbohydrates, protein, calories and even dyes and preservatives such as tartar (Yellow dye 5). That is, besides the control of the diet, this way it will be possible to observe the restrictions due to allergies.

Product launch is scheduled for April. We imagine that soon it will be possible to have the device in restaurants, supermarkets and even free markets. Or always with us, loaded on the keychain. Increasingly, technology facilitates access to better food. And, increasingly, the dreamed result of fitness is in our hands.

Eating with the eyes

TellSpec hits the market in April

Eating with the eyes

With a spectrometer, the device “reads” the ingredients and sends the information to the phone.

Follow the product launch video.

Food and the five senses - Eating with your eyes (March 2020)