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Eating up to the barks

  •  April 15, 2021

What to do with fruit peels? Let's eat them. This is the idea of ​​a line of snacks that hits the market to make us think about waste.

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One third of the food produced in the world is not consumed by the population.

Certainly, the solution to waste is creativity.

And there is no way to classify Matt Weiss's idea any other way.

This American created Rind Snacks, a company that produces dehydrated fruit snacks.

The differential is that the fruit peels are kept.

This is sensational since the nutritional content is higher right there.

In fact, there are three times more fiber and vitamin C, for example.

The flavors are Tangy Kiwi, with only kiwifruit; Tropical Blend with Orange, Pineapple and Kiwi.

And Orchard Blend, with persimmon, apple and peach.

As a detail, pineapple peels are not used.

Weiss found a gap in the $ 2 billion category of dried fruits and nuts.

There are many private label products, low fidelity, too much added sugar.

And especially traditional dried fruits such as apples, plums and raisins.

Another well explored appeal is sustainability.

For now, the product is not sold in Brazil.

Rind Snacks: initially in three flavors

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