Eat with the senses

  •  May 31, 2020

Eat with the senses

Prepare for the encore. Chef serves true “sensory feast” at event for few guests. In it, the sounds of the preparation of each food are savored - even more than the meal itself.

To enjoy your food, chefs do everything. Washington Silvera serves the table another way. Under his baton, and with the participation of guest musicians, the chef as well as visual artist positions the microphones facing the pots to create the Kitchen Dub Experience, a performance of art, music and gastronomy. In this intense experience, everything is amplified, and tables, knives and boards convey the sound of what the participants will enjoy.

Each performance is a treat for the senses, as well as a complete aesthetic exercise for the diners: first comes the contact with the smell of food, followed by the perception of the preparation noises (accompanied by the musicians), until the grand finale, which is the view of the plate ahead as a work of art.

Of course the menu is presented as a spectacle: it has the introduction (mousse blue cheese with red chili jam), the intermezzo (leaves and flowers of the season with curd cheese, lemon vinaigrette and honey), the final chord (crab with peach palm, hibiscus mayonnaise and sunflower bud), to the last note (surprise dessert). At each dinner, only 20 people are admitted. Make your reservation, because the season will be short. And you can applaud with your mouth full!

Food and the five senses - Eating with your eyes (May 2020)