Dream control

  •  September 23, 2020

Dream control

The Remee Mask promises to control the stages of sleep, allowing wearers to be aware of this during dreams without fully waking up. Who would say that, thanks to science, daydreaming is no longer a force of expression.

With LED lights installed inside it, the Remee mask accepts 13 different settings. When flashing at low intensity, the lights make the sleeper enter the state of “lucid dreaming”. The term, coined by Dutch psychiatrist Frederick van Eeden in 1900, concerns sleep control. Mastering the mysteries of the unconscious that manifest in sleep is a persecuted knowledge of this antiquity, with reports of Aristotle's studies, and the meditation practice of the Tibetan monks.

For about $ 120 and weighing less than 30 grams, Remee works like a “dream GPS”. It lets its user know that he is sleeping during his own dream, in order to fully enjoy the unconscious's fantasies, without worrying about getting hurt by falling from a building, for example.

How Can You Control Your Dreams - Lucid Dreams (September 2020)