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Dom Casmurro Of Rap

  •  April 6, 2020

Dom Casmurro Of Rap

Viral Campaign Brings Literary Classics to New Audience in Russia. The school assignment has gained more interest through new media. Imagine if it was in Brazil!

One fine day, Moscow dawned mobilized, with all the news sites featuring alarming headlines. Russia's social networks were overrun by "police" news as part of a campaign to promote the classics of literature. In the stories that followed them, excerpts from the source books revealed the strategy: to draw attention to important works that “went out of style”. Just to name one of them, “Anna Karenina”, by Leon Tolstoy.

The idea is to impact younger generations, who consider reading the books that accompanied their parents' lives as an obligation. For this, the government hired the creative British agency Slava. The first step was to “update” the image of the old authors. As a result, it was with warm clothing and a lot of attitude that the print campaign featured Tolstoy, Chekhov, and Pushkin's "new face."

A campaign like this would be most welcome in Brazil. Maybe we would increase the reading rate if we could see an MC Machadão (Machado de Assis), a DJ Amado (Jorge Amado) and even a Dr. Dru (Carlos Drummond de Andrade) "talking" directly with the young people.

A video with the Russian writers singing rap was quickly viralized. See the campaign images and watch the movie below.


Translation: 3 sessions per day of 7 pages and you will notice the result in a news story.


Translation: Start with light texts and gradually increase the load.


Translation: Don't give up. You'll get your breath back by the 500th page.

Dom Casmurro (April 2020)