Diving in sawdust is detox bath

  •  May 28, 2020

Diving in sawdust is the detox bath

Amazingly, special sawdust diving provides an enzymatic treatment that nourishes and detoxifies the skin. Novelty blends well-known therapies with forgotten Japanese traditions to create the perfect spa.

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As part of a process of changing fitness and diet, spending a season at a spa is a great option.

Especially if it can be combined with a trip, from which we return renewed and leaner.

To reduce weight and promote a detox, nothing like soaking in an environment that favors relaxation while still ensuring aesthetic improvements.

We already know all the water-based therapeutic processes, usually associated with massages and treatments such as podiatry and nutrition, which are part of the repertoire of these destinations.

Therefore, in search of competitive differential, each one works to offer exclusive “subscription” services.

With the strength of the enzymes, the treatment offered by the Ikoi Spa in Auckland, New Zealand seems to be one of the most innovative.

But the truth is that with modern methods therapy rescues a Japanese secular tradition, made famous for being offered to athletes at the Sapporo Winter Olympics (1972).

When covered with a special sawdust, the patient takes a bath of enzymes, which improve blood circulation and fat metabolism.

The sawdust is made with pine, rice husk bran and enzymes and essences from 50 species of vegetables and algae.

The detox effect is provided by the biotic activity of enzymes in fermentation.

After the session, the feeling of being lighter and soft-skinned is recurrent among the experiences reported in the newspaper. New Zealand Herald.

To get back refreshed and slimmer on holiday, how about a stop in New Zealand, to get a closer look at the treatment?


Immersion in special sawdust exposes the body to purifying enzymes

Check out the video below for the images of this treatment.

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