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  •  April 6, 2020


A 19th century service in the middle of the 21st century. Yeah, it couldn't work. With the increase of online correspondence, stamp sales have plummeted. In order to escape bankruptcy, postmen in Canada will no longer deliver letters. The dogs are missing you already.

Letters exchanged by past famous people become books and are played at auctions. Are your emails worth anything? Today, the web path is the most commonly used for billing and communication between people. In Canada, to avoid further losses, the Post Office has decided to change the letter delivery system in a radical way - simply by shutting it down. The reason is purely financial: lately, stamp sales have averaged 2 units per address across the country. It is because we live in an increasingly digital world that postmen are losing space.

Change should happen gradually. Initially, stamps became more expensive to discourage their use. Other measures are being taken until delivery of letters is completed by the end of 2014. As a new profile, the company will continue to deliver orders as online sales continue to grow.

The country has long been preparing the transition. One of the alternatives available is the collective mail boxes, which are located in community centers, for example. Two-thirds of Canadians already use the new service. Yeah, it looks like the neighborhood will be calmer as less dog barks will be heard. And they are already making sense.

These images will be in the past.

Images like this will be in the past

Collective Mailboxes

Collective mailboxes like this are already used by 75% of Canadians

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