Detox in the Queen's Land

  •  April 15, 2021

Looking for a detox? Stay at Sanderson in London. Two-night luxury hotel package offers classes with personal trainer and functional meals for you to reconcile stroll with fitness.

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For those looking for an effective fitness and health care program, there is no time to waste.

So in Sanderson's detox package, right after you check in, the personal trainer knocks on your bedroom door.

The destination is the hotel's well-equipped gym, where the class lasts for an hour - long enough to scare off the ghost of jet lag.

Rest comes next with an essential oil massage session at the Agua Spa, where you begin to relax as you enter the wallless space, bordered by two thousand meters of silk curtains.

When it comes time to replenish energy, nutritionist Karen Cummings-Palmer selects healthy dishes without losing flavor. Interestingly, one of the options, roasted salmon, comes with vegetable chips like the ones I prepare - see the recipe here.

Desserts are not off the menu and Imbibery London juices are served for drinking.

The next morning, a high-intensity gym session (open 24 hours) precedes breakfast with several light options.

From there, you can return to the spa, gym or enjoy a complimentary voucher for a session at the Psycle spinning studio.

The two-day package costs £ 1,000 and is ideal for a strategic scale, to prepare the body to enjoy the early days of summer.

If the destination is Ibiza, consider leaving a detox on the way back.


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