Destroying Appetite

  •  March 28, 2020

Destroying Appetite

In times of war, everything is scarce. Mostly the food. Still, only the strong survive. But how? Improvising. Event in Sao Paulo shows menu of six armed conflicts around the world.

An American soldier needs 5,000 calories a day on the battlefront. But because mobility is what guarantees survival on the front, it is not possible to carry so much food. Whether prepared marines, improvised army fighters or civilians involved in the conflict, everyone needs to eat. In the March edition, the CineGastronomia event, promoted by the Center for Jewish Culture, addresses the theme, with the exhibition of the award-winning documentary Cooking History.

Who today sees how the troops from different countries feed, may have an idea. But the interesting thing is the historical perspective shown. Directed by Péter Kerekes, the film provides a trip through the kitchens, canteens, and camps of six-century wars. With a cynical humorous bias, the work presents the selection of 11 recipes.

How about learning some of them? After the exhibition, a gastronomic workshop will be offered, where participants will learn how to make, for example, fake sausage (without meat) and mayonnaise without eggs.

Cooking History Movie

Location: Center for Jewish Culture of São Paulo
Address: 2,500 Oscar Freire Street (Sumaré Subway Station)
Date: 3/18
Hours: 19h
Age: from 16 years

Culinary Workshop

Time: After the movie ends
Capacity: 60 people
Duration: 90 minutes

Watch following the documentary trailler.