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Design to eat less

  •  May 28, 2020

Against the extra weight, mobilizing an army of nutritionists, scientists, and doctors is not enough. With creativity, it is possible to guarantee small victories. Meet the design of the Half / Full line, which tricks the brain to help you lose weight.

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To control extra weight gain, all help is welcome.

And an important collaboration has come from the designers.

We already saw the spoon that serves up to 30% less sugar - click here.

With concave relief, it “misleads” the perception of its content.

Now a complete line has the power to satiate us with half of what it would take.

To achieve this, Playfool studio has employed mirrors in utensils.

The resulting line was named Half / Full.

There are two dishes (lunch and dinner), a glass and a bowl.

As well as knife, fork and spoon, all with a reflective surface.

The result seems to double the content of plates and cups.

Cutlery equipped with the feature amplifies its effect.

The idea is supported by a study from the University of Tokyo.

In it, scientists revealed how the apparent volume of food can influence satiety.

Therefore, if the amount of food seems larger, the feeling of satisfaction is greater.

The parts are just a prototype, with no commercial release forecast.

A pity, since they seem functional enough to be produced at scale.

It is the inspiration to look with other eyes at everything that involves eating.

half-full line

With mirrors, utensils “trick” the brain into satisfying us with less

Check out the video below for the project presentation.

Simplicity in Eating Design | Live Food Design Webinar with Less Table (Lithuania) (May 2020)