Delightful appetite control

  •  September 20, 2020

Delightful appetite control

Some people get sad when they eat less. There are those who do not take the smile off the face, under the same conditions. According to an American study, people who have sex regularly have a controlled appetite.

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You may have heard that a date that ends in sex can help burn about 100 calories.

But according to research recently released by the University of York (UK), this activity can also regulate appetite and prevent overdoing at the table.

The finding, presented at the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior's annual meeting, provides clues about appetite suppression caused by the "love hormone", oxytocin.

Because the hormone causes a sense of reward in the brain, the researchers set out to investigate an alleged effect on binge eaters.

For the study, sexually active adults, aged 27 to 50 years were recruited.

The group included individuals who admitted compulsive eating behavior.

Everyone was interviewed about their eating habits, including preferences about certain dishes, whether they ate greasy snacks or snacks, and how they responded to rewards and restrictions.

Then, blood samples were taken for participants' DNA examination to observe the functioning of the oxytocin receptor gene OXTR.

They also investigated whether and how different gene variants influenced their appetites, eating preferences, feeding frequency and personality traits connected to the brain's reward system.

As a result, a pattern has been identified.

Those who had a certain variant of the OXTR gene, called a single nucleotide polymorphism, also revealed compulsive table behavior.

According to one of the study's authors, Dr. Caroline Davis, "Oxytocin peaks tend to decrease appetite - especially sweet carbohydrate consumption."

Because oxytocin can take the focus off food, finding ways to secrete more of this hormone can help you eat less.

And consequently in weight loss.

This research suggests that, depending on their genes, people may respond to oxytocin spikes differently.

Still, if you are a binge eater, the next time you feel like eating sweet or fatty snacks, it is worth considering the alternative of satisfying desire with your partner.

At least it is worth a try.

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