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Decorate the house with a vegetable garden

  •  August 13, 2020

Home garden was once the eccentricity trend. In fact, it is an increasingly affordable necessity. In a new model that leaves technology to explore involvement, intelligence is on the ground.

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The tendency to have always fresh foods on hand grows.

As a result, more and more home garden models are on the market.

Of course we welcome the trend - read more here.

But what I have seen hides, via technology, the greatest feature of a crop.

In dealing with the moods and rhythms of nature, we give food another value.

This is the idea behind Wall Farm, produced by Click and Grow.

The model explores the concept of “living wall”.

As a differential that only makes sense within this concept, the release is not controlled via the app.

But the feature is not entirely ruled out, of course.

The product provides by application cultivation tips.

And a sales channel for seeds.

The rest, regarding lighting control and monitoring the health of the crop, is up to you.

Another “retro” differential is land use, not hydroponic or aeroponic systems.

The invention seems to be a support for the company's business, the "smart solo".

The so-called smart soil uses nanotechnology.

With this, it promises to produce 30% more, use less water and nourish the plants with vitamins.

No pesticides, fungicides or herbicides may be used.

At risk of unbalancing the oxygen and pH levels of the earth.

To fit the available space, Wall Farm comes in two sizes.

The Mini generates 38 plants at a time, with a 14 liter tank and semi-automatic irrigation system.

The larger model produces 57 plants at a time, with a 35-liter tank and automatic irrigation system.

Prices are $ 299 and $ 799 (about $ 958 and $ 2,560, respectively).


In two sizes, this is the most compact model from Click and Grow.

Check out the project presentation video below.

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