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Debit or Credit: See Your Sex Life Balance

  •  August 13, 2020

Experienced or round? New UK study has revealed the ideal number of male and female sexual partners we should have in life. And it is less than you think.

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There is an issue that always arises at the beginning of relationships.

And in many cases it haunts the most concerned for a long time during and after.

After all, how many people did your mate know intimately before you?

If the subject is personal, it is everyone's interest.

So much so that the British universities of Nottingham, Bristol and Swansea set out to investigate together the optimum number of sexual partners.

The study provides an answer that is more prudish than anyone could imagine: three.

And it goes for both women and men.

This, however, varied when long term relationships were analyzed.

Long-term partners tolerate that their spouse has slept with up to two people before them.

The results also revealed that women are less attracted to men who have slept with more than six people before them.

Men, oddly enough, tolerate a race token with up to 11 partners before them.

But the idea that promiscuity is tolerated by either gender does not correspond to reality.

According to one of the authors, Dr. Steve Stewart-Williams, both sexes express an equal reluctance to get involved with someone with an extensive sexual history.

"A partner with such behavior is statistically less loyal and therefore desirable."

These are the ideal numbers.

But in real life, things turned out to be livelier.

Ironically, those who took part in the study failed to reach their own standards.

The average number of partners was 5.81 for women and 8.4 for men.

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