Cultural baggage

  •  April 9, 2020

Cultural baggage

Suitcases and no idea in your head? Your destination is Los Angeles. In the land of cinema and earthquakes, nothing is more appropriate than a festival that combines movies and architecture.

But rest assured, the last strong earthquake occurred in 2002. In March, the focus goes to the Architecture & Design Film Festival. For the first time in California, the festival's fifth edition features films that frame design, fashion and architecture in a special way. Adding to local production, the competitive exhibit lists 30 short and feature films from eight countries. Among them is the thrilling 16 acres over the construction of the building that replaces the Twin Towers at the September 11 attacks.

In parallel to the official programming will be round tables, interviews and a pop-up bookstore of the Hennessey + Ingalls network, which specializes in the arts. Tickets will be sold starting this Friday (14/02). Closer culture and architecture? I also recommend the show Harry Seidler: architecture, art and design, which takes place in São Paulo.


Architecture & Design Film Festival Debuts in Los Angeles
Visitation: March 12-16, 2014
Location: The Los Angeles Theater Center
Address: 514 South Spring Street

Want to get inside? Watch the traillers of some of the show's movies.

16 acres

Coast Modern

The Absent Column

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