Creativity is served

  •  April 15, 2021

Creativity is served

Cocktail is the new gastronomy. But for those who are intimidated to risk anything more than the basic caipirinha, comes a kit that allows you to practice the alchemy of drinks to perfection at home.

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It was from his native Catalonia that chef Ferran Adrià conquered the world, mixing acidic, spicy and bitter flavors in many different ways.

Their concepts permeated the region to the point of influencing generations of chefs.

But inspiration was not limited to cooks only.

This is what we can see at the cocktail party in the bars, hotels and beach clubs of the Costa Dorada, between Tarragona and Barcelona.

However, what might seem restricted to professionals is now available to the most enthusiastic amateurs.

Democratizing the preparation of elaborate drinks is Té Tonic's proposal.

This is an infusion bag kit, which should be prepared like tea.

Only instead of hot water, you will use doses of gin or vodka.

Made with dehydrated fruits, the infusions add diverse colors and flavors to the drinks.

Many of the mixes offer sweet palates, such as red berries, combined with the acidity of ingredients such as hibiscus.

Its high pigmentation dyes the bowls of red, rosy tones and a myriad of colors that add visual stimulation to the sensation provided by the drink.

They are floral and botanical flavors, such as combining jasmine, roses and apples; cardamom, black pepper and physalis; and lemon, cucumber and juniper - for mixing with gin.

And mango, passion fruit and marigold; apple, orange and rosehip; and mint, lemon grass and licorice - for mixing with vodka.

When traveling through Spain, be sure to look for where they are sold.

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