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Cream cracker or salt water?

  •  April 9, 2020

Cream cracker or salt water?

Woke up late? In this unruly holiday routine, we often only find time to eat cookies. Or crackers. It all depends on where you are - and how big the hunger, of course. But beware: Even though they are alike, not all are the same.

When it's Carnival or season, they only have breakfast for the inn or hotels. It's the crackers. At these times, the question is cruel: cream cracker or water and salt?

Of course it's overkill. After all, the two look similar from a nutritional standpoint: some brands have plenty of saturated fat, associated with an increased risk of heart disease, and few fibers. Cream cracker is usually higher in sodium - as we have already said, this ingredient favors fluid retention. Look for the fuller, healthier versions because they increase the feeling of satiety.

But be careful! Seemingly bland, they make the call for a caloric supplement like jam or curd almost irresistible. And don't overdo it either: six units a day is the limit for those trying to lose belly.

Wants to know? The best thing is to see what's in the vegetable drawer and throw it all in the blender. This is the basis of every detox juice. Check out my green juice recipes, ginger watermelon juice, orange agent and the already famous Red Lu.

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