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Coriander: A Natural Water Purifier

  •  April 6, 2020

Coriander: A Natural Water Purifier

The next time you find yourself facing a water of questionable purity, look for some coriander.

According to recent research led by Schauer University in the United States, coria is a powerful filter for water impurities, including toxic materials.

After testing various plant samples from flowering cacti, the researchers determined that coriander is the most prevalent and powerful bioabsorbing material in tropical areas. The team suspects that the structure of the small cells that make up the plant's outer wall are ideal for metal capture.

How much cilantro would it take to make contaminated water drinkable? According to the research team, a handful (which fits in your hand) of coriander is sufficient to purify a jar filled with water heavily contaminated with metals such as lead.

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