Cooking with words

  •  August 13, 2020

Here comes the Book Biennial. And, with the event, happens the new edition of Cooking with Words, with the proposal to unite cooking, literature and culture. See the highlights scheduled for this year.

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In 2018, we celebrated another Book Biennial.

The 25th edition of the event will take place from August 3rd to 12th, in São Paulo.

Among the attractions is the space dedicated to gastronomy within the event.

The so-called Cooking with Words is a space for debates, classes and tastings.

The programming is diverse and attentive to the new times.

And highlights topics of social gastronomy, heritage and current trends.

Names include Janaina Rueda, Olivier Anquier, Rodrigo Oliveira and Zeca Camargo.

Zeca Camargo?

On 8/8 (14h), the presenter talks about his gastronomic experiences in his travels.

Also from the TV comes Gabriela Kapim (“My Son Eat Bad”, GNT), with family feeding tips.

The debate about gastronomy as a cultural heritage gains enormous space.

On August 6, the panel Eating in the Emirates presents the cuisine of Sharjah, this year's honored country (7pm).

On 7/08, speak Thiago Castanho (Origin Kitchen, 14h) and Tereza Paim (What does Bahia have?, 7 pm).

Another highlight is Colombian chef Juan Manuel Barrientos.

One of the most important names in Latin America, he runs El Cielo, with headquarters in Medellin, Bogota and Miami.

Juan does an inclusive job of training injured soldiers and refugee guerrillas.

Your show-classThe Kitchen of Peaceis scheduled for August 4 (7 pm).

Follow the complete schedule through the site

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