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  •  April 6, 2020

Fork Proof

Today we care about everything that goes in the mouth. About processed foods, we can always refer to the nutrition chart on the packaging. But what about natural foods? For a nice chemistry class, open your mouth and even more your eyes.

James Kennedy is an elementary school chemistry teacher in Melbourne, Australia. And from those dedicated, who strive creatively to give their students content that can often seem very boring. To show in an accessible way that chemistry is in everything, he broke the barrier between theory and practice. And in a way that young people understand: through the visual communication of consumer products. It was for this purpose that he created a series of posters, which lists the ingredients we know to be there, but someone was missing to inform: the formula of natural foods.

In this way, it was possible for students to learn that, in addition to the isolated ingredients, foods are composed and structured “scientifically” by nature itself. The language has been adapted for this purpose. For example, anthocyanins (natural dyes rich in antoxidants) in blueberries have earned the denomination adopted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, which is E163.

To gather the information, the teacher consulted studies and spectral analyzes of the medical and scientific literature. The work was so well done that it gained fame beyond the school walls. Today he markets the posters and t-shirts with the images he created. Since 99.9% of all the chemistry we consume comes from food, the lesson is passed. Now we want to see how you do on the plate test.

Here are some examples, which are for sale on Professor James Kennedy's website.

Banana Fork Proof

Popular in children's lunchboxes, bananas were the first fruit

Blueberry Fork Proof

Blueberry - Known in Brazil as Blueberry

Kiwi Fork Proof

The kiwi is originally from Australia, where Professor Kennedy teaches

Passion Fruit Fork Proof

Passionfruit is the English name of our passion fruit

Egg Fork Proof

The always controversial egg ingredients

To listen to a podcast in which Professor James Kennedy explains his work, click here.

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