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Connection with appetite

  •  September 20, 2020

How about exclusive delicacies at your fingertips? New app brings those who value rare flavors of chefs who do craft work for the few.

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Of course, it will always be better to serve meals prepared by ourselves.

But the truth is sometimes this is not possible.

However, in the face of an empty refrigerator or unwillingness to prepare a recipe, the options are not many.

And from a nutritional point of view, all dangerous.

If on the one hand we have processed foods, on the other we have pizza delivery or Chinese food.

Now, with a new app, the end of this story doesn't have to be so predictable - nor so sad.

Apptite connects your desire for home cooking with the solution.

Which comes in the form of small business, conducted with huge love.

Once selected, cooks, many without retail outlets, register their recipes and wait for orders.

Which in some cases must be done in advance.

After all, we are not dealing with factories.

Rather than a food court at their fingertips, they are gastronomic artisans who cook on a small scale with fresh ingredients.

And all in time.

According to the service's announcement, "our chefs go on vacation, respect the seasonality of ingredients and the pace of real life."

That is, as real food should be.

Currently, there are more than 200 registered professionals, representing numerous culinary, regional or international.

These options range from acarajé to veal boeuf bourguignon.

Or the cake with Guinness beer made by chef Marcelo Brandão ($ 25), pictured above.

On average, the dishes cost about 35 reais.

For now, the service works only in the state capital.

From July 2017, the app will also be available for Rio de Janeiro.

Download the free app to try it now - click here.

And if this story aroused your entrepreneurial appetite, good news.

The app is continuously looking for new culinary talents.

After all, on the other end of the line there are a lot of people yearning for a meal that is also a cuddle - in the stomach and in their own health.

If you think you can win the world with your secret recipe, go ahead and fill out the registration form - click here.

Check out the recipe for cookies of sprinkles that chef Zazá offers for the app.

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