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Come to the street!

  •  April 3, 2020

Come to the street!

It has no monthly fees, embarrassing changing rooms, or disapproving looks. And it happens outdoors, which is good even for the eyes. I'm talking about the street race. But if you're wondering where to run, try to get to know the most popular trails in your city.

This was the idea of ​​Nathan Yau. This American racing fan and head of FlowingData has used user information from the RunKeeper app, which records and maps all distances traveled around the world.

This overlaid all paths to create maps showing the most traveled paths, that is, “certified” by real corridors. The images are beautiful and very inspiring. How about tying your sneakers and going out for a quick 5km run?

Notice how I'm always talking about running? This is because this practice is simple and accessible to almost everyone. And the benefits are immense! To get started, consult your doctor. If all is well, the next task is to choose a comfortable and lightweight shoe. Ideally it is new. This way you can track the wear of the sole to identify your type of footstep. With this visual information, you should try to correct the position of the foot so that the sole of the shoe has even wear.

Hence the next step is right, the first. Of many. Start slowly and slowly accelerate over small stretches. Stop, walk for a while and resume the fast gear. Over time, the fast stretches get bigger and you're done, so you can run all over the circuit. For me, a song always helps. See the playlist that best matches your pace, recommended by scientists.

I'll still have something new for you today: my running workout that burns up to 400 calories per session. Get ready!

See street circuits in some cities - more in Nathan's gallery, Where People Run.

Come to the street!Atlanta, United States

Come to the street!

Boston, United States

Come to the street!

Paris, capital of France

Come to the street!

San Francisco, California (United States)

sydney race

Sydney, Australia

Come to the street!

Tokyo, capital of Japan

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