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Color sets at the table

  •  April 15, 2021

A geometrically tidy plate served at a well-laid table turns any trivial meal into a feast. Remember the expression “eat with your eyes”? It is the pure truth. There are concrete studies proving that the look makes all the difference.

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In a restaurant, our brains begin to prepare for the big moment when we choose the order.

When the waiter serves the plate, the image and aroma arouse the appetite and cause a revolution in our body.

Following this line of thought, research from the University of Oxford shows that the color of dishes can change our perception of taste.

The test with 57 participants indicated, for example, that hot chocolate served in an orange mug was considered much more delicious and aromatic.

Strawberry mousse looked sweeter or more intense when served on a white plate as opposed to a black one.

And the lemonade got an immediate refreshing upgrade in a blue bowl.

The logic is simple and based on chromatic composition, something we do intuitively, for example when choosing a particular color because it enhances skin tone or eye color.

If you like an impeccable table, how about adding color dots to the cupboard to spice up the menu?

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